About EBF

The European Baptist Federation is comprised of approximately 800,000 members in 59 member bodies in 52 countries, stretching from Portugal to the far reaches of Russia. Included in this family are Baptists in Eurasia and the Middle and Near East. EBF leaders work continuously to help strengthen the relationships in these countries where, as of now, no formal union exists.

The European Baptist Federation also serves as the European representative for the Baptist World Alliance.

Purpose of the EBF

According to its Statutes the purpose of the EBF "is to strengthen and draw together Baptists in Europe and the Middle East on the basis of their Christian witness and distinctive convictions, to encourage and inspire them in faith and fellowship and shared responsibility, and to seek in all its endeavours to fulfil the will of Jesus Christ, Lord and Saviour."

The story so far

The EBF was founded in 1949 to unite European Baptists as Europe emerged from the devastation of World War 2. During the Cold War the EBF maintained contact with believers behind the Iron Curtain who were suffering for their faith.

Since 1990 the membership of the EBF has grown to over 50 Baptist Unions, representing 14,000 churches and 826,000 members . The EBF represents nearly every country in Europe and Euro-Asia and also five Unions in the Middle East. The EBF is one of six Regions which make up the Baptist World Alliance.

Many Baptist churches still face difficulties resulting from poverty, war, or continuing threats to their religious freedom. The EBF family is diverse in culture, language and tradition but remains united in Baptist identity, evangelistic zeal, and a concern for human rights and religious freedom. We share a commitment to play a full part with other Christians in creating societies in European and the Middle East which reflect the values of the Kingdom of God.

Mission and Evangelism

In the past ten years it has been exciting to see significant growth in new believers and new churches amongst European Baptists.

The EBF, with the generous help of its Mission Partners, has developed an ambitious new project to facilitate evangelism and the planting of new churches. The Mission Partnerships (MP) provide funding for suitably gifted people to work as evangelists and church planters in their own countries.

In this and in other ways the EBF works closely with mission partners based in the USA, Canada and the UK in making Jesus known in Europe and the Middle East.

Human Rights and Religious Freedom

The EBF has been very active in taking up the cause of religious freedom in countries where Baptist and other religious minorities have suffered discrimination, repressive religious laws, and even violence and imprisonment in recent years. A specialist panel, including several human rights lawyers, is available to advise the EBF on making representations to governments and other authorities. The EBF also takes up issues of human rights which affect the whole of Europe, such as the recent growth in human trafficking.

Theological Education

A key priority for the EBF has been the development of theological education to train future leaders for our churches and Unions. Most Unions have their own Seminaries training pastors, church musicians and others, and many of these are part of the EBF Consortium of European Baptist Theological Schools (CEBTS).

The EBF is fortunate to partner with the International Baptist Theological Study Centre (IBTSC) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a major resource for theological education in international context. This superb facility specialises in offering higher academic qualifications for those who will be the Union leaders and theological teachers in their own countries. For further information for study opportunities and conferences, click here.

European Baptist Aid (EBAid)

EBAid is an initiative which has the goal of being a more effective channel for humanitarian relief and development projects through the member unions of the EBF. We are delighted that several of our partners in Europe and North America as well as BWAid have become members of the EBAid Consortium. Its purpose is to co-ordinate a response to the many requests for help which we receive from Baptist Unions, churches and other projects in Europe and the Middle East. We see this as a practical way in which we can express the love of Christ for the poor, vulnerable and marginalised people with whom our churches come into contact.