Call to Prayer for Ukraine

Call to Prayer for Ukraine

Pavel Unguryan - December 03, 2013

Prayer is certainly one of the most powerful tools of a Christian. It is not our wisdom that makes us wise or the strength that makes us strong but almighty God. In the previous updates we wrote about the prayer movement that united Christian community of Ukraine before Vilnius Summit where Ukraine’s government committed to sign the Association Agreement with the European Union. This strategy of pursuing the closer ties with Europe was supported by the vast majority of Ukrainians.

Nevertheless, a few days before the Summit Ukraine was shocked by the position of President Yanukovych who said he would not sign the EU pact as planned at a summit in Vilnius last Friday, following extreme pressure from Russia and dire economic forecasts. His abrupt decision to abandon a trade pact with the European Union and instead seek closer economic ties with Russia has stirred massive demonstrations and protests that aim to force President Viktor Yanukovich from office with a general strike after hundreds of thousands demonstrated against his decision to abandon an EU integration pact.

Demonstrations and anti-government protests on Saturday and Sunday, which saw violent clashes with the police, drew as many as 500,000 people. The protesters are setting up tented camps in preparation for a long campaign at Kyiv's Independence Square and other public places. Hundreds of thousands of protesters packed the city center on Monday behind makeshift barricades they had erected overnight from city benches, commandeered police barriers and parts of a giant artificial Christmas tree. Traffic was cut off in central Kyiv with protesters blocking the access road to the main government building with trash bins and other obstacles. The protesters have occupied the Kiev City Hall Building and Trade Union Center where they are served hot tea and home-made sandwiches by volunteers from all over Ukraine.

Later on Monday the strike has gained the all-Ukrainian momentum and is spreading like a fire and some fear a full-blown explosion. People feel betrayed and neglected by the government and they are ready to make their voice heard. At this point it is unclear whether even a Y-turn on the EU pact could satisfy the angry nation.

“We ask God to give heavenly wisdom and fear of God to everyone who represents our country to prevent the worst. We are creating our own story, demonstrating the unity of our nation. Therefore we are watching closely not to cross the border, where anger and hostility replace the Gospel principles.” said Viacheslav Nesteruk the head of Ukraine’s Baptist Community.

In the face of all these events and frightful developments in the country I ask you to join us in prayers and fasting for the peaceful solution of a situation in Ukraine

Pavel Unguryan is the International Missions Department Director of the All-Ukrainian Union of Associations of Evangelical Christians-Baptists and was the Member of Ukrainian Parliament in 2008-2012.