Celebrating the Season of Creation

Celebrating the Season of Creation

EBF press service - September 01, 2020

Christians of all traditions acknowledge creation as a gift from God – a gift that we are called to care for and manage responsibly. Together with the European ecumenical community we invite you to celebrate the Season of Creation from 1 September – 4 October, and 1 September as the Day for Creation.

On the website of European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN) you find beautiful ideas and materials on how to celebrate this time with your church and your community. For this year the ecumenical community has created a special Celebration Guide which brings togehter liturgical materials from around the world and helps churches to design their own worship services.

Materials from previous years are available on the same site in different European languages and arranged according different categories, e.g. Bible study, meditation, prayers of intercession, etc.

On the EBF website (resources) you find also several materials and links to different resource centres which help to reflect on the biblical theme of creation and creation care.

Make use of these reources and celebrate the Season of Creation!

Photo: Helle Liht, 2020. Sunrise in Viry bog, Estonia.