Death of Sven Ohm, a much loved Swedish Baptist leader

Death of Sven Ohm, a much loved Swedish Baptist leader

EBF News Service - August 14, 2014

Soren Carlsvärd, a Pastor, colleague and former mission director of the Swedish Baptist Union writes:

Sven Ohm, who was one of the great leaders of Swedish Baptist Union, has died after a fall whilst on holiday on August 13, aged 85. He is remembered by many around the Baptist world as a very dedicated and warm person with a great heart.

Sven Ohm lived almost his entire life serving the Baptist churches of Sweden, both as a pastor in several parishes, as National Secretary of the Youth League, and for nearly 25 years as the Union’s International Secretary. Sven has meant a lot to our community, especially when it comes to missionary work. During his time the mission work of BU Sweden expanded, taking in more countries, and he managed to inspire local churches to take their share of responsibility for this work.

Sven Ohm was ordained pastor 1951, he studied at the Baptist International Theological Seminary in Rüschlikon, Switzerland, and later received two honorary of Doctorates of Divinity, at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City and at Dallas Baptist University. Sven spoke several languages and was a greatly loved and respected figure among European Baptists and in the Baptist World Alliance. Recently, he made a trip to China.

Sven’s concern was for the gospel in its wholeness. As well as his passion in evangelism, he was also politically engaged and active in social work. He was a gifted writer and was a frequent radio broadcaster.

Tony Peck, General Secretary of the EBF adds:

I only got to know Sven during his last few years. But I treasure every meeting with him, because the light of the Gospel continued to shine out of him. Especially I think of our last meeting last year when he came to be part of the anniversary of the beginning of the Swedish Baptist mission partnership with Austria which he had help to initiate. Sven was on fine form, his enthusiasm and passion for the mission of God undiminished. And he was a committed supporter of the new Uniting Church in Sweden that the Baptists had recently entered.

In the EBF we give thanks for this fine servant of the Lord and extend our love and our prayers to those who will miss him most.

The funeral service for Sven Ohm will be held on Saturday, September 6 at 13:00 at Bethany Church on Kungsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden.

Photo: Sven Ohm (front row, second from the right) with EBF and Austrian Baptist leaders in Austria, June 2013.