Digital Children’s Bible on Sale at Austrian Petrol Stations

Digital Children’s Bible on Sale at Austrian Petrol Stations

Klaus Rösler - November 08, 2005

V i e n n a – A digital Children’s Bible, the creation of two Baptists - a cartoon designer and a programmer, is being marketed in an unusual fashion in Austria. Since the beginning of November, the computer Bible „“ is on sale in 50 Austrian petrol stations. During the upcoming Christmas rush the Bible is also to be found at about 70 of the do-it-yourself-chain „BauMax“ shops. The Bible was introduced initially in June as part of an exhibition of Children’s Bibles in the foyer of Vienna University Library. According to Pastor Andrea Klimt and Project Director Katarina Angerer (both from Vienna), this digital Children’s Bible intends to acquaint children with new, Bible-related realities. The CD includes games and child-oriented Biblical background information. Responsible for the realisation of the project was the Vienna graphic designer Tom Klengel.

Cooperation with “Catholic Bible Society Klosterneuburg” and others made the unusual marketing means possible. The Children’s Bibles’ “discoverers” have now also made foreign contacts in hopes of marketing it internationally. According to Andrea Klimt, in a secularised society one must think hard about finding new ways to bring people into contact with the Living Word of the Bible. Printed Children’s Bibles have helped introduce adults to the world of the Bible – this is now also true of digital ones.

The initial edition of this digital Children’s Bible was 3.000 copies. Only a German-language version is presently available. It can be ordered through the bookshop mailing service of Oncken Publishing House in Kassel, Germany: “”.