Newsletter - April 2006

Newsletter - April 2006

Daniel Trusiewicz - April 26, 2006


The primary mission of the Christian Church is to go into the all world, preach the Gospel and make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). Church planting is a natural way to enable this to happen. EBF- supported indigenous missionaries are starting new churches and the Indigenous Mission Project is already seeing significant fruit in changed lives and transformed communities. 

The Project to support indigenous missionaries was launched in April 2002 in Moldova as the response of the EBF to the needs of nations which are open to the Gospel. The IMP is growing steadily and new churches are being regularly planted in our part of the world. Currently we are jointly supporting over 50 church planters in 20 different nations of Europe and the Middle East. The detailed list is on the EBF web site  

The growth of project is possible with your faithful assistance. Thank you again that we can partner together in the Gospel. Thank you for your prayers and support. 

New opportunities

Recently EBF Executive approved several new missionaries. Some of them are from Iraq. This nation is still in turmoil and struggles with conflicts. We pray for peace and stability among the Iraqi Arabs. According to the current reports of Baptist leaders who know the local situation, the Iraqi people are now much more open to the Gospel than ever before.

Thousands of Bibles and other Christian literature have been distributed to the Iraqi nation. New Bible study groups are being started and also new churches are being planted. There is particularly a thriving Baptist congregation in Baghdad whose pastor is very mission minded man and would like to start new churches. EBF has decided to support new church plants in Iraq. Thanks again for your involvement and encouragement in our efforts.

The experience of IMP confirms that indigenous missionaries are the most effective in their ministry. They know their people, culture and language, and that contributes to their good success. The goal of the EBF mission project is to facilitate evangelism and the planting of new Baptist churches in Europe and the Middle East

Ethnic Churches – a Baptist Response

I take this opportunity to briefly share with you information which is related to the EBF mission work. In June 7th to 11th, 2006 IBTS plans, together with the EBF, a conference on the topic: Ethnic Churches in Europe – a Baptist Response. Europe faces various immigration issues from different parts of the Majority world or from Eastern Europe. As result of migration many communities changed from monocultural to multicultural groups of people. Some of them come from a Christian background and quickly build growing immigrant churches reaching out to other immigrants. What should European churches do as they engage with such mono-ethnic immigrant churches? You may find more info on the EBF web site under section IBTS/conferences.

The ministry of church planting is both exciting and demanding so it needs a lot of support and requires financial provision. IMP still needs supporters who will continue to pray, give and get involved personally… 

To help planting reproducing churches!

To help growing healthy churches!

For the glory of God!