Newsletter - March 2006

Newsletter - March 2006

Daniel Trusiewicz - March 03, 2006

Kiev – Pechersk church plant

Indigenous missionary Anton started his church planting ministry in May 2003. Since the very beginning his target group has been the intellectuals who live in the centre of Kiev, called Pechersk. There is no evangelical church in this district. Anton tried numerous methods of outreach but people seemed to ignore tracts and invitations to Christian events which his mission team distributed. Eventually the missionary discovered that an English language school is certainly the most friendly and effective method. Later other ministries developed.


Missionary report for 2005

During the year 2005 the Pecherk church plant was involved in numerous activities. Sunday services drew a group of 50-60 regular visitors. As a result of that and other ministries listed below  there is a good opportunity to organize the first Evangelical Christian Church in Pechersk. 


English classes have been organized during the periods of January – May and October – December. There are several groups of students that are divided into groups depending on the level of their proficiency. The program is Christian-oriented (materials include Christian topics). The number of students increased from 20 (in 2004) to 60 (in 2005). 


Evening business seminars are held every 3 months - 2 evenings during the same week when there are business seminars conducted by Christian businessmen. The goal is to share the Gospel with other businessmen from Kiev and Pechersk area. The seminar becomes increasingly popular among businessmen and attracts more and more participants. There is also an opportunity for a Bible study.

The children choir was established in 2005. There are 2 rehearsals every week. The choir takes part in the worship services. The goal of this ministry is to spread the Gospel among children and teenagers. About 20 children and their parents are involved in the Pechersk church life. The parents visit the church and hear the Word of God (when the children take part in the worship service).

LOGOS newspaper - currently the fifth issue is being prepared. The goal of this ministry is to introduce Christian ethics to those involved in different kinds of activities and events. About 500 families of the Pechersk district can read about the ministry of the Pechersk church.   

Sunday school is a regular activity during the worship service. The lessons are conducted using the modern methods of the EE Sunday schools. The goal of this ministry is to inculcate Christian ethics in the children.

Children’s festivals are special events for children. Christmas and Easter celebrations were particularly popular. About 120-140 people took part in each celebration with a special program. The goal of this ministry is to popularize Christianity among children and their parents. About 260 people heard the Gospel and work with them continues.

Evangelistic training 15 members of the church planting group completed the Evangelism Explosion course in 2005. 5 people took part in the leaders training seminar. The young people from the church also took part in other seminars: the festival of the youth ministry, and the conference “The Body of Christ”. The goal of this ministry is preparation for the ministry and teaching how to use EE methods.

Christian movies About 50-60 people watch movies. The goal of this project is youth evangelism.

Youth summer camp was organized for the second time. There were 50 young people on the camp and 32 repented and accepted Christ.

Youth ministry – the goal is spreading the Gospel among young people. Leaders encourage youth to participate in the worship service, in small groups after the summer camps and to establish contacts with other youth clubs of the Pechersk district.

Small groups are important in church planting strategy. In 2005 two small groups (the Bible study) were started. Praise God that 11 people already accepted Christ through this ministry.

Prayer request

It’s exciting to know that altogether in 2005 about 4000 people heard the Gospel through the Pechersk church planting ministry and at least 140 people repented. Let’s pray for further success of this exciting church planting project under Anton’s leadership, and several ministries started by his team. In 2006 they are preparing a team of small groups’leaders in Kiev, Pechersk. The goal is to start 5 home groups (now there are 2), start the Bible study group for businessmen and develop the ministry of visiting people in their homes. Let’s pray about it.