Newsletter - October 2005

Newsletter - October 2005

Daniel Trusiewicz - October 13, 2005

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the collapse of the Soviet Union brought many changes in Europe. Several nations acquired political independence. New countries have appeared on the map of Europe. One of them is Serbia and Montenegro, which used to be part of former Yugoslavia.

The Baptist Union of Serbia and Montenegro was founded in 1991 by seven local Baptist churches. Now 14 churches comprise this union and there are about 30 mission stations which aspire to become self supporting churches in future. The goal of union is cooperation of Baptist churches in their missionary work.

The missionary vision is to spread the Gospel in Serbia and Montenegro, especially in those places which are not yet evangelized. Serbian Baptists pray for a spiritual revival so that the majority of population may acknowledge Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

The Baptist Union leaders are: President, Pastor Cedo Ralevic and Secretary, Pastor Dragisa Armus.

Church planting – Nis

Emanuel and Jelena are graduates of the Tyndale Theological Seminary, the Netherlands. The present ministry of Emanuel includes preaching once a week, leading youth group meetings on Saturdays and visiting people who have spiritual needs. Jelena organizes Bible classes for children and sings in a worship band “Trinity”. They both have translated several Christian books which are being successfully distributed around Serbia.

Emanuel and Jelena have started church planting ministry with help and supervision from the Baptist Church of Nis. They particularly focus on two Gypsy villages, Sainovac and Bela Palanka. Every Friday afternoon 15-20 people gather in a home in Sainovac (distant 25 km from Nis). A congregation of about 30 meets in a small town of Bela Palanka (45 km away from Nis), being visited by mission team twice a month or even more often, depending on the need. Two men from Bela Palanka are currently training to become leaders, one of them being also a worship leader.

The mission team from Nis is planning to be involved in other places where people may be open to the Gospel. Each existing mission station is visited at least once a month. In practice Emanuel and Jelena organize mission trips every Friday. A typical mission visit comprises prayer meeting, evangelistic preaching or teaching from the Word of God, and children’s program. Some places are visited twice a month, depending on their spiritual needs. There are potential leaders who are involved in discipleship courses which are held either in homes or at the church in Nis.

Humanitarian work "Love Your Neighbor"

The Baptist humanitarian organization "Love Your Neighbor" was started several years ago, during the Balkan war. The work of distributing food, cloths, medicine, Christian literature etc. is helpful in initiating contacts with people who may be exposed to the Gospel. Then further spiritual work may be continued and indeed many have come to know the Lord through this ministry. For example, evangelistic work in other Gypsy villages: Berilje and Aleksinac was begun, where three Serbian converts became members of the Baptist Church in Nis.

Prayer requests

  1.  Pray for the spiritual strength that the Lord may continue using the mission team led by Emanuel and Jelena from Nis in their evangelistic ministry to several mission stations.
  2. Pray that they can find a place for Christian meetings at Sainovac and Berilje.
  3. Pray for the work with a potential leaders emerging among numerous converts.