How to apply

In order to apply for project funding, please use the EBAid Project Application Form (part A of the EBAid Project Application and Report Forms).

If your project will be funded by EBAid, the Project Grant Receipt Form (part B) and the Project Report Form (part C) ought to be used in order to report about the received funds and project progress and/or completion.

» Download the EBAid Project Application and Report Forms [DOC, 107 kb]

Please note that we cannot assure that every submitted project application will receive funding.

In case of any questions about filling in the Project Application Form, please do not hesitate to contact the EBAid coordinators Birgit Fisher (Elstal, Germany) and Helle Liht (Tallinn, Estonia).

Birgit Fisher
Tel: +49 33234 74 112

Helle Liht
Tel: +372 50 45 403