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Baptist beginnings in Lithuania

Daniel Trusiewicz - September 23, 2005

The Baptist Union of Lithuania is one of the smallest in Europe. In spite of that Lithuanian Baptists have vision for growth and new churches are being planted. They are particularly motivated when reminisce the beginning of the Baptist movement.

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Newsletter – May 2005

Daniel Trusiewicz - May 19, 2005

The vision of the Evangelical-Baptist Church of Georgia is to begin a Baptistic movement in each Georgian Tribe, especially in Adjara, which is populated by nominal Moslems. Baptists would like to seek the lost souls in every corner of Georgia.

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Newsletter – April 2005

Daniel Trusiewicz - April 21, 2005

There are 22 local churches with total membership of 3000 in Azerbaijan. Three congregations are in the capital city of Baku, two of them are Russian speaking and one is Azeri. The Azeri church has been growing particularly fast.

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Newsletter – March 2005

Daniel Trusiewicz - March 22, 2005

The EBF in cooperation with community partners is helping to start new Baptist congregations among needy and open to the gospel Arab nations of the Middle East.

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